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Almost Ready!

Well, tonight’s the night! Yesterday Tina ran a test sale through the site and today we are going to review all the functions and then, if all goes well, we will be able to sell our taper candles on line! Woo-Hoo!

Meanwhile, the store is coming together. By the week-end the first round of stock will be in place.  Our order of Scandinavian themed cookbooks and mugs will be in in about another week and the Norse jewelry should be in soon, too.

There has been a lot of media chatter about “Christmas creep“; that is, the idea that retailers are starting Christmas decorating and selling earlier and earlier every year… As someone who has worked in retail for well over 30 years (really?

christmas candles on the morning table

Since I was 2?) I can say, with some authority, that while some retailers, usually the big box stores, have pushed the envelope, most of us still set up just as we always have. We begin to prepare in October, after Thanksgiving, by organizing and moving the stock into our Christmas format.  Then we put up the trim and load the inventory. Because we are open seven days a week and like to serve our customers, it takes about two weeks to totally convert the store.  The plan is to be finished for November 12th.  Our store has followed this format for over 25 years and every year folks say the same thing: “What, already?” The interesting thing is that some people start to shop quite early and ask for things in October. Can’t please everyone!

One thing, though, we can all agree on: No Christmas music until December 1st. 



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Colour Guide

The colour chart below shows our line of taper candles.

Please note that we do not carry every colour offered. Some are too similar in colour to one another, in our opinion. Something we have happily pointed out to the maker! Also, we do not always have every size in every colour in stock. Inquire via email.

Important!  We remind our customers that, as color reproduction varies from monitor to monitor some variation of shade is likely. We recommend some flexibility on precise shade.

If a close colour match is required, we would suggest ordering a sample first.


R11_01 R12_03 R13_05 R24_10
R25_11 R31_14 R26_15 R66_22
R71_28 R74_31
R81_38 R22_41 R23_47
R44_48 R16_51 R15_53 R45_60
 R46_65  R52_69  R55_71  R61_77
R54_79 R35_81 R33_82
 R42_92  R41_96


An Exciting New Blog Post!

Well, I have to admit that the blog seemed like a good idea when we redesigned the web site, but actually using it has been something of a challenge!  I often wonder were people find the time to have things like blogs…perhaps they are avoiding other tasks?

2009 was a year most retailers would like to forget and the shops at Mattick’s Farm certainly were no exception.  Indeed, 2010 seems a little soft in the Victoria area, so far, as well.  This has made our loyal clientele more valuable than ever and I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank-you” to all of you who found your way out to us over the last months.

Business being a little quiet is no excuse for the store to be boring, we have been cheerfully chugging along as usual, looking for interesting new items and keeping the candle selection second to none!  We have added a new line of fancy tapers made of Danish wax by the “Old Time Candle Company” in Vancouver, at a special introductory price of $3.99 a pair, and are inviting feedback from our customers. Yes, you get to be “Beta-testers“!  We have also added a popular line of “Molca” candles from Holland, in pillars and floaters that have been very well received.  Our “Flatyz” candles from Lithuania have also been a great conversation piece.  They are a great decorative gift item, though, we cheerfully admit, not the greatest idea for practical burning during a power outage!

We have also augmented our selection of Danish glass vases and bowls from “Dansk Glaskunst” with new shapes and sizes and added a new line of locally made pottery from “Dragon Pottery”.  Our paper napkin selection has grown, too, with the addition of “IHR” and “Home Fashion” serviettes from two premier German makers.

The best received new addition has been the beautiful collection of glass hummingbirds and dragonflies by Victoria’s very own Mark Bateman.  We have been delighted to watch them fly out the door!  Add the new cards from local photograhper Stuart Clarke as well as fresh colours in our handwoven placemats from Lori Davies on Saltspring Island and the store is as cheerful and interesting as ever.

Mattick's FarmThe Mattick’s Farm Tenant’s Association has been busy planning summer entertainment and events to brighten your summer weekends.  Check out the Mattick’s Farm website for details.

Leslie, Mary, Betty and I are looking forward to an entertaining Summer and hope to see you at “The Farm”.  Mention that you read this post and we’ll give you a pair of “H4” Danish taper candles with any purchase adding up to over $20.00!

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