Colour Guide

The colour chart below shows our line of taper candles.

Please note that we do not carry every colour offered. Some are too similar in colour to one another, in our opinion. Something we have happily pointed out to the maker! Also, we do not always have every size in every colour in stock. Inquire via email.

Important!  We remind our customers that, as color reproduction varies from monitor to monitor some variation of shade is likely. We recommend some flexibility on precise shade.

If a close colour match is required, we would suggest ordering a sample first.


R11_01 R12_03 R13_05 R24_10
R25_11 R31_14 R26_15 R66_22
R71_28 R74_31
R81_38 R22_41 R23_47
R44_48 R16_51 R15_53 R45_60
 R46_65  R52_69  R55_71  R61_77
R54_79 R35_81 R33_82
 R42_92  R41_96