Special Occasions

The first thing you need to do, though, before even thinking of a lighting a match, is to check whether or not you are permitted to have candles burning at all.  When you rent a hall, book a hotel ball room or arrange for any public venue ask about the Fire Regulations! We have, on numerous occasions, sold a great selection of candles for an event only to have the wedding planners discover that candles are not allowed.

If the event is in a private home, or the rented venue will allow candles, we can advise on what types will burn well and safely, in various settings.  We have all kinds of ideas for centerpieces and displays and can explain how much attention each application requires.

Should you decide to, or need to, go flameless we have a wide selection of battery powered options to consider, as well.

candlesBest of all, when you order well in advance we offer quantity based discounts!  Ordering well ahead also enables us to obtain special colours to match the decorative theme. Of course, we always have a good stock of basic white or cream available if time is an issue. We may also be able to fill orders for many other colours as well, in many of our basic items.  Just ask and we will see what we can do!

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